Thursday, 31 May 2007

Paint a Pot

As Father's Day approaches I took Theo and Louis to the Paint a Pot place in Ilkley to get Adam's present sorted. Last year we decorated a pasta bowl with Theo's hand print so this year I thought we'd do the same again but with Louis handprint too.
The thing is, at 4 months, Louis was not exactly a willing participant and we couldn't get his hand flat on the bowl . My very sensible friend, who had come out to play with her daughter too, suggested we try a footprint instead. That was much more succesful. I'll post a photo of the finished bowl after we have given it to Adam.

Theo also painted a moon money box, to go with the star and the elephant we already have at home. I think we're going to have to downscale to ceramic tiles in future, I'm running out of room for money boxes and pasta bowls.

I took my niece Dana and her friend to play too as a birthday present, she'll be 10 on Wednesday. It must have been a success because I've not known anything else keep 2 9 / 10 year old girls quiet for 2 hours LOL

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