Monday, 7 May 2007

Keighley & Worth Valley Railway

We took a trip out to see the steam trains at Keighley & Worth Valley Railway today. To be honest we didn't actually see much of the steam engine as we took the train from Oxenhope and travelled to Keighley and back so mostly we saw the carriage we were in and the view from the train, which was very pleasent incidentally.

Adam and Theo taking in the view as we chug by.

Louis is in the blue shopping bag on the table (no it's not really a shopping bag, it's a carry cot but it looks like a shopping bag )

This was probably the best view we had of the engine. Once on the platform you couldn't really see the train for people.

We did notice that there is a picnic area just outside the station at Oxenhope, just over the fence from the end of the track, ideally placed to watch the trains so next time I think we'll take a picnic and just go and watch the steam trains. Should be more for Theo to see, and it's free LOL

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