Saturday, 30 June 2007

Change of Plans

Today we had planned to go to various camping shops to look at tents, we've decided to give camping a go for our summer holiday this year.

Unfortunately I got a phonecall from Chris saying Mum had been taken into the hospital so plans were put on hold and I spent most of the day in hospital with Mum. A typical case of right hand not knowing what the left is doing. Some Drs said pneumonia and others said chest infection or possibly a blood clot! Not much to choose from there then. So now it's a case of staying in until they can do some test on Monday and take it from there. Needless to say Mum is not a happy bunny as she had plans this weekend but can't be helped.

Anyway, on a lighter note, I've been asked for more pictures of Louis so here's one of him taken on Theo's birthday. I'll try and get some more decent pics and upload them soon. I promise
Oh, and we've had 3 'dry' days in a row from Theo. Yay. Think he's getting the hang of it.

Monday, 25 June 2007

2nd Attempt

I had my BSL Level 2 part 2 resit today. I 'think' it went better than last time. Well at least I can remember it this time anyhow . It's the part 3 exam next Monday and then that's it for the year. If the last lot are anything to go by it's a 6 - 8 week wait for results now. Keep your fingers crossed.

Saturday, 23 June 2007


I've had a great day today. Adam looked after the boys whilst I went to Kirsty's for the day to do some chatting and scrapping. As it turned out, I did far more chatting than scrapping but at least I did complete 1 layout from start to finish, which is practically unheard of for me.

We called at Natalie's mums for a cuppa and a natter. Natalie, Trina, Hayley, Lesley and Rachel were there scrapping, we didn't just pick a random friend and visit their mum LOL

I even had a brief lesson in Marine fishkeeping as Kirstys husband Wayne had been out and come back with various bits and pieces for the tank so I was quizzing him about them.
Oooh, and according to Adam, Theo had another dry day. Yay

Friday, 22 June 2007

Louis news

All this talk about Theo and his toilet habits is actually quite interesting to me, hope it's not boring you too much LOL. But let's not forget Louis.

He's still doing well, he rolls over almost as soon as you put him down now and I've actually seen him roll back onto his back. It's a bit of a sudden lurch more than anything and is usually accompanied by a bit of a thud! Fortunately he doesn't do it very often at the moment and as he learns there will be fewer thuds.

Clothes now

Well Theo is definitely getting bored of being cooped up in the house (and he's not the only one!) but if things carry on as they are we'll be back to normal next week.

Today we decided to try clothes on. Up to today Theo has had no 'bottoms' on, to make it easier to go to the toilet. Now he seems to have that nailed we'll try a few days with clothes on before we have to go out on Monday. I 'think' he's had an accident but I can't be sure because he had been playing in the sink and half flooded my kitchen whilst having fun.

Apart from that he's done really well again, just need to convince him to wait until he gets into the toilet before he takes his clothes of, rather than in the middle of the living room. Which is fine when we're at home but not really a good idea if we're visiting, or shopping

I'm going to change his reward chart tonight to 1 star per 'dry' day so we're still rewarding him just not every time he goes.

Thursday, 21 June 2007


Wohoo. Today was Theo's first completely dry day, not a single accident all day. I'm soo proud of him.

He's been putting a star on his chart each time he goes to the toilet and by lunchtime today he had filled up two rows which was his target for a toy. He didn't seem to notice and he went to the toilet so often he seems to have given up on the stars altogether. Anyway, because it was his first dry day and he got all his stars he got a 'Bulgy Bus', to go with his trains, after he'd had his bath, and he was very excited about it too

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

We're getting there

Theo had nursery again this morning so Adam took him on his way to work, which is normal. Unfortunately Theo decided to pee himself just as they were heading out of the door so Adam was not best pleased.

Louis and I had a quiet morning in then we went to pick Theo up from nursery. When we got there Janet said Theo had been on the potty a few times but he hadn't done anything. We were having a bit of a chat and I was handing over his trip money when I noticed him 'jigging' about and crossing and uncrossing his legs, you know the stuff, typical 'I need a wee' behaviour. I asked Theo to show me where the nursery toilets were and just happened to sit him on in time for him to have a wee . He was really pleased with himself and when we got home the first thing he did was stick a star on his chart.

He had a couple of accidents in the afternoon at home but then he just took himself off to the toilet. The first time he didn't do anything but he tried again about 5 minutes later and had a wee. We're getting there

Monday, 18 June 2007

Lazy day

I decided not to go to college today so we could stay in in the morning and give Theo more time to get used to this toilet training lark rather than risking car journeys rushing around to drop Louis at Sheila's and then get back to drop Theo at nursery. About 10 minutes after I texted Sheila to tell her I got a phonecall from college to say that Barrie was ill and class was cancelled anyway!

Theo still went to nursery I just made sure I took a couple of changes of clothes for him just incase. He spent the afternoon upstairs in the big room and he did OK, only 1 accident all afternoon.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Father's Day

We surprised Adam with his Father's Day presents and a cup of coffee in bed this morning.

I got up with the boys to let him have a lay in and did tidying up and stuff but apart from that it was much the same as any other Sunday.

Adam went back to B&Q for a support for the new kitchen shelves. He also bought a couple of baskets to go on the inside of the food cupboard door. He fixed all of these then went around and fixed the curtain poles in the living room and in theo's bedroom which were coming away from the walls.

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Busy day

I stayed at Sheila's last night'cause she had a girly night in for her birthday. I managed to get away with drinking only 1/2 a glass of wine and no-one noticed I was filling up my glass with water so I didn't get told off for being boring either.

I dropped Lisa at home for 9 this morning because Liam had to go to rugby. I was going to go home via Costa and have an hours peace to read my mag but I decided against it because Adam wanted to go to B&Q to get some shelves for the kitchen.

He bought them and put them up today! But they do need an extra support in the middle 'cause the books are making the top shelf bow.

Theo waited 'til he had his overnight nappy on last night before he had a poo. We've had a few more puddles to mop up today but we did manage a wee and a poo in the toilet, more by good luck than anything else, but it did show him that nothing bad is going to happen when he goes to the toilet. And he was so pleased with himself that we gave him a 'Salty' train to go with his Thomas set as a reward. But then he got quite upset that he couldn't go on demand to get another new toy .

Friday, 15 June 2007


Louis is now rolling over in both directions! I think. I haven't actually seen him roll from his tummy to his back but I've left him on his tummy and come back to find him on his back. And I don't think Theo is helping


We started toilet training with Theo today. For a while now, each time I've mentioned using the potty or the toilet he has said after he was three, so now, it's after he is three so here we go.

We've been through about 5 pairs of underpants and I gave up on the trousers after two pairs. At least he's noticing when he's wet now which he wouldn't do with a nappy on, and he seems quite upset when he's done it so I think we're heading in the right direction.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Birthday Pressies

Theo's birthday today
Happy birthday sweetheart

I think the day went quite well. Adam took the day off work so we could all do something together for Theo's birthday. We started with a bit of a pressie hunt as I hid a few of his small presents around the living room and kitchen then he dug in to the mountain of pressies in the middle of the living room.

Most of his presents from us were Thomas trains, track and a couple of other sets which all seemed to go down very well.

Here he is playing with his new Cranky the Crane and Docks.

I couldn't resist buying him this though. It called a Bilibo and if they did one big enough I'd have one. He opened it and asked me what it was then decided it was a hat. This picture of him with it on his head reminds me of a cartoon alien but I can't remember where from LOL.

I couldn't say what it is, it's just designed for kids to use their imagination, it can be sat on or in, worn on the head (evidently). Theo quite like sitting in it and spinning around and I think the holes in the front are perfect for putting some rope through and turning it into a sled in the snow.

After all the pressies we all got ready and went to the local baths for a swim, which is one of Theo's favourite things to do. He had a great time except for the part where he 'sank'. He had a floatie vest thingy on and he missed his footing and the vest tipped him forward . He was a bit shaken for a few minutes but as soon as he figured out that he could still walk about and play without sinking he was off and playing again.

We went to McDonalds for lunch (bit expensive on the Weight Watchers points but it was Theo's birthday so I just had to join in LOL), the one opposite B&Q on Leeds Road (I think) has a children's play area in for him to play in.

The plan was then to go to the cinema but by the time we finally got in there, there was nothing on that we wanted to see, at least there was nothing on that we wanted Theo to see. Getting into the cinema was a bit of a to do though. The roofbox was still on the car which made it too tall to go under the barrier at the car park entrance, we drove all around the leisure park looking for somewhere to park and ended up in the 'service vehicles only' lane at the back of the cinema. As it turned out, the barrier to the car park exit was open so we went in the exit but, as I said, there was nothing on so we just turned around and drove out again.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

On the move

Well Louis has managed to get all the way over now, and get his arms out from underneath him too . He kind of props himself up on his elbows to have a look around.

At the moment he only rolls to his right and once he's on his tummy he is stuck, but he's getting there.

I spent most of this evening wrapping the last of Theo's birthday presents and hiding them about the living room. Hopefully he'll have fun searching for them tomorrow.

I'm so excited

I just got a text message from my friend to say she had a little boy just after 9 this morning. I'm so excited and just wanted to post to say a big welcome to baby Carlos and congratulations to mum, dad and his big sister.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Getting there

It's my big sis's birthday today. Happy Birthday Sis

Louis is almost rolling overnow. He rolls his bottom half over but hasn't quite managed to get his shoulder out from underneath him yet so he usually ends up half rolled over and yelling 'cause he's stuck.

Sunday, 10 June 2007


We had Theo's birthday party this afternoon at the local playgym. He seemed to enjoy himself, running around all over the place and bouncing on the bouncy castle with his friends.

It wasn't really much of a 'party' to speak of. I didn't realise that the pass the parcel games that had been at the last two parties we attended there were not provided by the playgym, you had to bring them yourself, and I didn't . And Theo really just preferred to play on the equipment rather than stop for party games. All the kids seemed to have great fun though, dragging a couple of the dads onto the equipment to play with them (big kids LOL)

I was a bit narked that 5 people who had responded 'yes' to the invites didn't turn up, especially when I had specifically paid for extra people! And the other parties I have been to at the same place have been 'run' by the bloke who owns the place. At Theo's party he was not there, a different woman was there and she did not 'run' anything, just sorted out the food and nodded at me when it was ready so I could arrange the kids. That said, fun appeared to be had by all and that's the important thing. Isn't it?

I left the cake buying to the last minute and ended up going out this morning to get it. Here it is
It's a 'design your own cake' from Morrison's. You put your picture on a memory card and they have a machine thingy where you chose your picture and add borders and pictures and things, then 10 minutes later you pick up your cake and hey presto, cake with your own picture. This one is the Little Green Men from Toy Story, Theo is a BIG fan of Toy Story, 1 and 2.

I didn't get any photos, I wanted to make sure Theo enjoyed the day rather than spending it watching from behind the camera. A friend did take photos though so as soon as I get some copies I'll post a couple here.

Well here they are, photos very kindly supplied by Natalie and Gareth.

Theo's cousin Toby having fun on the bouncy castle.