Monday, 15 September 2008

New Glasses

This was Theo this morning before we set off for school, all smart in his uniform and new glasses. On the walk down to school he was telling me that he was really looking forward to showing all of his friends at school his new glasses.

I have to admit that when we picked them up from the opticians on Friday after school I nearly cried. They make his eyes look so big, I didn't realise just how strong they would be. I know that the prescription is high but it's not the same seeing the glasses on his face rather than just numbers on a piece of paper.

I was told by the opticians to expect a fight to get him to keep them on but we've had no problems at all. One of Adam's friends from work said that when her two daughters got their glasses, the one whose prescription was the weakest (hence glasses made less of a difference) was always taking off her glasses, but the one who had the stronger prescription just put her glasses on and got on with it, presumably because they made such a difference and she could see. I'm assuming that's why Theo has just gotten on with it.

On Saturday morning Theo came into our bedroom with his glasses on and said "Mummy, you've got spots on your face" when I asked him where and he pointed to the bridge of my nose I explained that they were freckles. He said "Have you always had them?" awww.

I was out during the day on Saturday but apparently he said to Adam, in a very considering tone, "Daddy, my glasses are a reflection of the world" Hmmm. I wonder what he's been watching.

During the day on Saturday I went to my scrapbooking crop where I got to stick photos and pieces of paper to other pieces of paper. One of my friends there had a little girl 4 weeks ago today and she brought her in to see us. Here is a photo of me and baby Chloe, isn't she gorgeous? (my two were never this small) I'm definitely feeling broody now. What are the chances of guranteeing that I get a baby girl next time? I don't think technology has got that far has it? Oh well, never mind. I'll have to settle for cuddling Chloe (and Amy-Louise if we ever get to visit Morgan)

Speaking of Morgan, the mr Potato Head was from her, thank you again :D

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Best of Friends

Now that the bigger boys are at school things have calmed down a little at home. Today we had a playdate with Tina and Hannah. Previously Tina would bring Jack and I would have Theo too so it was unusually quiet. Louis and Hannah did their best to make up for it though :D

Here they are enjoying a chocolate coated shortbread biscuit between them.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

ooh, Oooh I almost forgot..

.. Theo received a parcel in the post today. There was no card or note in so I've no idea who sent it, just that the postcode on the postage sticker was SE5, still no idea.

So, whoever you are, thank you very much, he played with it all morning

First Day at School and Pocket Money

It was Theo's first day at school today. Well I say first day, it was just over 2 hours. He started at 1 and finished at 3.15. He'll do the same again tomorrow then on Thursday and Friday he'll start at 11.45, so he's there for lunch too. After that it's full time, 8.50 - 3.15.

This is him just before we set of to WALK to school

And this is Theo after an exhausting 2 and a bit hours at school and a WALK back up the hill.

From the sounds of it he had a good time although to be honest he hasn't had that much to say about it. He played with Ezra and he got playdough on his shoe are about the only things he's said. Maybe he and Ezra played with the playdough all afternoon?? Oh, he did bang his cheek on a walky thing outside. Not sure what that is about, I'll have to ask him when we're in the playground tomorrow.

I decided that big school should coincide with pocket money (a whole £4). The plan was, on the way home from school I needed to call into the shop for some milk, I would give him his pocket money there and let him buy himself something. Unfortunately he threw a huge paddy in the shop before I had chance to mention it so I gave up on the idea.

I think we'll try again tomorrow

Monday, 1 September 2008


Theo needs glasses. Bloody strong ones at that.

I took him to the opticians today, just to get it done before he starts school tomorrow really. He seems to see things ok but quite often I'll catch him wiping his face or widening his eyes, as if trying to clear his vision.

It's not good news. He is very long sited. Apparently at his age his eye muscles are strong enough to compensate so he will be able to see clearly at the moment but is likely to suffer permanent muscle damage (i.e. a squint) if it is not sorted. Plus, as he gets older, the muscles get less able to compensate and then glasses are required anyway.

The optician has referred him on to the hospital for further tests, to double check his prescription and to make sure his eyes are developing normally. All perfectly routine when eye tests result are above a certain level apparently. Not that that makes me feel any better about it. I know it's nothing I've done but that doesn't stop me feeling it's my fault somehow :(

Anyhoo, these are the glasses he has chosen, Spongebob Squarepants I'll have you know. They should be ready to collect next week.