Monday, 1 September 2008


Theo needs glasses. Bloody strong ones at that.

I took him to the opticians today, just to get it done before he starts school tomorrow really. He seems to see things ok but quite often I'll catch him wiping his face or widening his eyes, as if trying to clear his vision.

It's not good news. He is very long sited. Apparently at his age his eye muscles are strong enough to compensate so he will be able to see clearly at the moment but is likely to suffer permanent muscle damage (i.e. a squint) if it is not sorted. Plus, as he gets older, the muscles get less able to compensate and then glasses are required anyway.

The optician has referred him on to the hospital for further tests, to double check his prescription and to make sure his eyes are developing normally. All perfectly routine when eye tests result are above a certain level apparently. Not that that makes me feel any better about it. I know it's nothing I've done but that doesn't stop me feeling it's my fault somehow :(

Anyhoo, these are the glasses he has chosen, Spongebob Squarepants I'll have you know. They should be ready to collect next week.


Catkins said...

If its any consolation, the specs make him look super intelligent!

Karen said...

Aww thank you