Tuesday, 2 September 2008

First Day at School and Pocket Money

It was Theo's first day at school today. Well I say first day, it was just over 2 hours. He started at 1 and finished at 3.15. He'll do the same again tomorrow then on Thursday and Friday he'll start at 11.45, so he's there for lunch too. After that it's full time, 8.50 - 3.15.

This is him just before we set of to WALK to school

And this is Theo after an exhausting 2 and a bit hours at school and a WALK back up the hill.

From the sounds of it he had a good time although to be honest he hasn't had that much to say about it. He played with Ezra and he got playdough on his shoe are about the only things he's said. Maybe he and Ezra played with the playdough all afternoon?? Oh, he did bang his cheek on a walky thing outside. Not sure what that is about, I'll have to ask him when we're in the playground tomorrow.

I decided that big school should coincide with pocket money (a whole £4). The plan was, on the way home from school I needed to call into the shop for some milk, I would give him his pocket money there and let him buy himself something. Unfortunately he threw a huge paddy in the shop before I had chance to mention it so I gave up on the idea.

I think we'll try again tomorrow


Catkins said...

am liking the uniform. Far better than a WHITE polo shirt which they just spill every bit of dinner down and paint on....

Karen said...

It is nice. I prefer the jade polo shirt but Theo chose blue for his first day so that's what's in the photo.

He still manages to spill dinner and paint and stuff on it though. I'm fairly certain he takes his jumper off for lunch just so he gets that dirty too lol

Catkins said...

David is the same, he is incapable of keeping his shirt clean. The trousers, surprisingly are fine!