Thursday, 14 June 2007

Birthday Pressies

Theo's birthday today
Happy birthday sweetheart

I think the day went quite well. Adam took the day off work so we could all do something together for Theo's birthday. We started with a bit of a pressie hunt as I hid a few of his small presents around the living room and kitchen then he dug in to the mountain of pressies in the middle of the living room.

Most of his presents from us were Thomas trains, track and a couple of other sets which all seemed to go down very well.

Here he is playing with his new Cranky the Crane and Docks.

I couldn't resist buying him this though. It called a Bilibo and if they did one big enough I'd have one. He opened it and asked me what it was then decided it was a hat. This picture of him with it on his head reminds me of a cartoon alien but I can't remember where from LOL.

I couldn't say what it is, it's just designed for kids to use their imagination, it can be sat on or in, worn on the head (evidently). Theo quite like sitting in it and spinning around and I think the holes in the front are perfect for putting some rope through and turning it into a sled in the snow.

After all the pressies we all got ready and went to the local baths for a swim, which is one of Theo's favourite things to do. He had a great time except for the part where he 'sank'. He had a floatie vest thingy on and he missed his footing and the vest tipped him forward . He was a bit shaken for a few minutes but as soon as he figured out that he could still walk about and play without sinking he was off and playing again.

We went to McDonalds for lunch (bit expensive on the Weight Watchers points but it was Theo's birthday so I just had to join in LOL), the one opposite B&Q on Leeds Road (I think) has a children's play area in for him to play in.

The plan was then to go to the cinema but by the time we finally got in there, there was nothing on that we wanted to see, at least there was nothing on that we wanted Theo to see. Getting into the cinema was a bit of a to do though. The roofbox was still on the car which made it too tall to go under the barrier at the car park entrance, we drove all around the leisure park looking for somewhere to park and ended up in the 'service vehicles only' lane at the back of the cinema. As it turned out, the barrier to the car park exit was open so we went in the exit but, as I said, there was nothing on so we just turned around and drove out again.

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