Saturday, 16 June 2007

Busy day

I stayed at Sheila's last night'cause she had a girly night in for her birthday. I managed to get away with drinking only 1/2 a glass of wine and no-one noticed I was filling up my glass with water so I didn't get told off for being boring either.

I dropped Lisa at home for 9 this morning because Liam had to go to rugby. I was going to go home via Costa and have an hours peace to read my mag but I decided against it because Adam wanted to go to B&Q to get some shelves for the kitchen.

He bought them and put them up today! But they do need an extra support in the middle 'cause the books are making the top shelf bow.

Theo waited 'til he had his overnight nappy on last night before he had a poo. We've had a few more puddles to mop up today but we did manage a wee and a poo in the toilet, more by good luck than anything else, but it did show him that nothing bad is going to happen when he goes to the toilet. And he was so pleased with himself that we gave him a 'Salty' train to go with his Thomas set as a reward. But then he got quite upset that he couldn't go on demand to get another new toy .

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