Tuesday, 19 June 2007

We're getting there

Theo had nursery again this morning so Adam took him on his way to work, which is normal. Unfortunately Theo decided to pee himself just as they were heading out of the door so Adam was not best pleased.

Louis and I had a quiet morning in then we went to pick Theo up from nursery. When we got there Janet said Theo had been on the potty a few times but he hadn't done anything. We were having a bit of a chat and I was handing over his trip money when I noticed him 'jigging' about and crossing and uncrossing his legs, you know the stuff, typical 'I need a wee' behaviour. I asked Theo to show me where the nursery toilets were and just happened to sit him on in time for him to have a wee . He was really pleased with himself and when we got home the first thing he did was stick a star on his chart.

He had a couple of accidents in the afternoon at home but then he just took himself off to the toilet. The first time he didn't do anything but he tried again about 5 minutes later and had a wee. We're getting there

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