Sunday, 10 June 2007


We had Theo's birthday party this afternoon at the local playgym. He seemed to enjoy himself, running around all over the place and bouncing on the bouncy castle with his friends.

It wasn't really much of a 'party' to speak of. I didn't realise that the pass the parcel games that had been at the last two parties we attended there were not provided by the playgym, you had to bring them yourself, and I didn't . And Theo really just preferred to play on the equipment rather than stop for party games. All the kids seemed to have great fun though, dragging a couple of the dads onto the equipment to play with them (big kids LOL)

I was a bit narked that 5 people who had responded 'yes' to the invites didn't turn up, especially when I had specifically paid for extra people! And the other parties I have been to at the same place have been 'run' by the bloke who owns the place. At Theo's party he was not there, a different woman was there and she did not 'run' anything, just sorted out the food and nodded at me when it was ready so I could arrange the kids. That said, fun appeared to be had by all and that's the important thing. Isn't it?

I left the cake buying to the last minute and ended up going out this morning to get it. Here it is
It's a 'design your own cake' from Morrison's. You put your picture on a memory card and they have a machine thingy where you chose your picture and add borders and pictures and things, then 10 minutes later you pick up your cake and hey presto, cake with your own picture. This one is the Little Green Men from Toy Story, Theo is a BIG fan of Toy Story, 1 and 2.

I didn't get any photos, I wanted to make sure Theo enjoyed the day rather than spending it watching from behind the camera. A friend did take photos though so as soon as I get some copies I'll post a couple here.

Well here they are, photos very kindly supplied by Natalie and Gareth.

Theo's cousin Toby having fun on the bouncy castle.

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