Sunday, 20 May 2007

Splish splash splosh

We took Louis swimming for the first time today.

Theo has been nagging to go swimming for ages but I can't take him during the week because the pool have rules that say children under 5 should be accompanied by 1 adult per child, not that I'd want to have to keep an eye on Theo and Louis at the same time in the pool.

Anyway, we finally got there this morning and they both seemed to enjoy themselves. Well Theo definitely did and Louis was grinning a lot so I think he did too, sat in his inflatable chair thingy. It's a pity that you're not allowed to take photos at the swimming baths, I'd love to have had piccies to show you too.

After swimming we went to Idle rec for a picnic and a play on the slide and see-saw thingies (animal shaped seats on springs) then off for a trip to Morrisons for food shopping. It made a nice change from sitting in the house and vegging all weekend.

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