Saturday, 19 May 2007

Which one has the most paint on him?

Theo and I did some 'messy play' today.

This involved Theo laying on a piece of paper whilst I drew round him. He wriggled a bit so now we have felt pen marks on his t-shirt but I'm sure they'll wash out LOL.

He was really pleased with the outline though and after I'd cut it out and he got down to painting he had a great time mixing his colours and generally getting in a mess. We started with hand and foot prints in (almost) the appropriate places, not that you can see these because he got a bit enthusiastic and pretty much painted over them. Theo was quite adamant that he was going to be Sportacus so he was painting it blue (mixed with all the other colours ) and he spent lots of time in the belt buckle area painting his crystal.

I'm not sure how long this large painting is going to survive on the fridge so he may be transferred upstairs to Theo's bedroom soon.

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