Friday, 11 May 2007

Toot Toot Mango Beads

I got a bead from Mango Beads (Manda) a couple of weeks ago as a pressie from Mum and I've had a nightmare with Royal Mail.

Manda posted the bead Recorded Delivery on the Monday and by the Friday (when I was going on holiday) it hadn't arrived. I contacted Manda who offered me a full refund but I suggested we wait until I got back from Holiday (the following Friday). I got home to find the envelope in an RM baggy with a note apologising that it had been damaged. There were holes in the baggy and the envelope so I feared the worst . On opening the envelope I found my bead and leather necklets were all in there but there was a tear in the organze bag and tissue paper right through to the bead so I suspect someone had seen the 'handmade jewellery' sticker on the envelope and had opened it but decided it wasn't their kind of jewellery. The clasp on one of the leather necklets was broken so Manda said she'd replace it.

I collected a recorded delivery envelope from Manda this morning and not only did it have my replacement necklet but also a fabulous free bead too, it's the unnamed one in my photo.

Talk about customer service, that is amazing, I am so impressed. Makes me want to buy another one of her beads just to send more business her way.

Left to right the beads are

Mango Beads (Buddy) - Unnamed Freebie
Mango Beads (Buddy) - Ceylon - Pressie from Mum
Trollbead - Blue & White Armadillo - Pressie from DH for losing 1 stone
Trollbead - Silver elephant - Pressie from DH for losing 1/2 stone
Trollbead - Green & Lilac Armadillo - To remind me of DH
A String of Beads (Dolly) - Baby's Blanket - To remind me of DS2

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