Thursday, 17 May 2007

Baad day

I have had a pig of a day with Theo today He's been whingy and miserable 80% of the time. He gets so contrary when he's like this and it's so frustrating. In the car he'll cry and cry that he doesn't want to go home then he'll ask where we're going, I'll tell him and he'll start again then 'I don't want to go ...., I want to go home' Aargh. He wouldn't eat his lunch today either so I refused to let him snack during the afternoon which didn't help his mood. This evening when we got home from visiting mum and sister he threw a proper tantrum (1st ever) with the screaming and throwing himself on the floor bashing feet and fists against the floor and everything. This went on for about 30 / 40 mins.

Adam ended up taking him upstairs, in the middle of dinner, and telling him he could come down when he was feeling better. He went up for him about 20 minutes or so later when it had all gone quiet. A much calmer Theo came downstairs and then went into the kitchen and ate his dinner, all of it, which is quite unusual in itself, we even have a reward chart going for 'empty plates' at the moment, and an ice cream for pud.

By then he was my lovely little boy again and you would never imagine the sweetheart I put to bed could turn into the little monster I've had to deal with today (well I couldn't anyway). Lets hope he keeps up the good behaviour for visiting with Vicky and Natalie tomorrow.

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