Tuesday, 1 May 2007

A Ride on Percy at Whipsnade Zoo

Today we went to Whipsnade Zoo. A bit much considering we went to Linton Zoo yesterday but why not, we're on holiday lol

Getting there was fun, we told the sat nav to get us there quickest route and it wanted to send us down the M11, around the M25 and then up again (I forget which road) a round trip of just over 70 miles! The shortest route was left out of the cottage, right onto the A505 and then about 30 miles later you're there. Easy. You'd think so anyway but Tom Tom tried so hard to complicate it, he got a little upset at one point when it thought we were driving through fields but we got there in the end.

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed with the Zoo. I thought, as it was a 'drive around' zoo I was expecting close encounters with lions and monkey testicles (my car has windows in the roof!!) but it was more a case of drive from car park to car park, get out and look at the animals in their cages then get back in and drive some more. The only bit of the park that was open to cars only with instructions everywhere NOT to get out of your car (sounding hopeful she says with baited breath) had antelope / deer type animals and camels??? Oh and erm thingies, Yaks, that's 'em, really exciting stuff for Theo to look at through the window, not.

Don't get me wrong, as far as zoos go, it was OK. Especially as the weather was glorious and there were very few people there so there was no queueing for anything. Oh and you can now go into the banded lemur pen and have them inches from you without cages in the way.

Theo enjoyed the kiddies play area most, with it's climbing frames and slides and what not. We played there (well he played, we watched) whilst waiting for the train which was the highlight of the day for him I think. The train was a green steam train therefore it must have been Percy (Thomas the Tank's friend incase you didn't know) and he had a great time sitting right behind the engine and watching the driver shovel coal into the fire. He came back a bit grubbier than when he set off though. I stayed in the play area with Louis and we watched a wandering peacock. Whopee doo

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