Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Well Travelled

First things first

Happy 4th Birthday Toby

Wednesday saw us spending the morning at Duxford Imperial War Museum and an afternoon lazing in the cottage, a very enjoyable way to spend the day I must say.

We basically visited each hanger in turn to look at the various planes, tanks and other exhibits. First stop was hanger 1 where, among others, Concorde was waiting. Adam took Theo up so he could have a look around inside and I could get this picture proving he's been on Concorde

Theo wasn't overly interested unless he could climb aboard and run around but then that's to be expected when you're only 2 years old lol. He got to climb in various commercial type aeroplanes which were outside and there was a midget submarine, in one of the hangers, that was kind of cut in half with big glass panes over the end of each half so you could see inside without going in. He seemed to think it was interesting (even if it was just somewhere to play hide and seek) but just looking at the amount of space there was inside was making Adam claustrophobic.

In the gift shop Theo nagged for a toy aeroplane so Adam bought him an air-fix one. Apparently he's planning on putting it together and painting it with Theo back at the cottage. That should be fun to watch

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