Monday, 28 May 2007

Bank Holiday Weekend

We haven't done much this bank holiday weekend apart from a little bedroom re arranging and some scrapping.

Louis is fast outgrowing the moses basket that he sleeps in at the moment so we needed to put the cot up in our room for him to move into, preferably before he totally outgrows the moses basket so we can put the moses basket into the cot to get used to the cot gradually. Anyway, in order to put the cot up for Louis, first we need to extend Theo's bed and get him a new mattress because the cot mattress is on his bed at the moment. To extend Theo's bed we first have to move the chest of drawers that are at the bottom of his bed and find somewhere new to secure them. To move the drawers first we need to shift bags of clothes that don't fit him anymore into the loft.

To be honest if we'd done it properly it seemed like a never ending list of things that needed doing, each one required before the next one could be started, just to get Louis into his cot. What we ended up doing was putting enough stuff in the loft to make room for Theo's bed to be extended to full size and a sort through the junk in our room to make space for the cot.

The next job was to buy a new mattress for Theo. Easier said than done. His bed cam from Ikea and like much of their stuff, it's not standard size. It's 80cm x 200cm rather than the standard 75 x 190cm. After deciding against using the Ikea mattress (cause it's just foam) we hunted round for a standard 2'6" mattress and that was a hard enough job in itself. We found one online eventually so that's being delivered on Wednesday. In the meantime we've put the cot mattress back on Theo's bed (and put large cushions in the bottom of the bed) and Louis is in the cot but in his moses basket so he can live without the cot mattress for a couple of days. Oh yes and we bought some single bed bedding too 'cause we didn't have any of that either.

We spent most of the rest of the weekend vegging, watching Toy Story and Toy Story 2 (over and over!! I know, baaad mummy) and I've been getting pages ready for my 2007 journal / album, yes I know, it's almost June . I'll post some photos when I've taken them.

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