Saturday, 12 May 2007

Holmfirth Festival of Folk

We went to Holmfirth Festival of Folk and it was surprisingly good fun even though it rained on and off all day, then we came home via Pizza Hut and I threw my diet out of the window for a couple of hours lol

This cheerful lot were heading up to the graveyard where the 'procession' started. Theo, Adam and I watched Morris Dancers 'march' as Theo called it because their shoes made the stomping sound of marchers (Louis was asleep in the puschair) followed by a percussion group who were very very entertaining and even stayed out in the rain to do an extra performance 'cause everyone was enjoying it so much.

Theo had his compulsory ice-cream (well you have to at these things don't you) behind the rain hood of the pushchair then when the rain stopped he refused to stand on a nearby wall to watch the procession go by so Adam carried him closer to the road, I stood on the wall though ('cause I had to stay back from the road edge with the pushchair, it takes up a fair bit of space that beastie LOL)

I think the weather was actually a blessing though 'cause the day still went well and there were a lot fewer people than there could have been.

Anyway, that's it from me tonight, I'm off to watch Eurovision, go UK (yeah right) LOL

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