Monday, 21 May 2007

8 Years

It's our 8th Wedding Anniversary today. We went to Maxi's Chinese Restaurant in Leeds and took Theo with us. Lisa looked after Louis for the evening. The restaurant was amazing, lots of red and gold decor and dragons evenerywhere, Theo loved it. The food was amazing too, diet went on hold (again!) as we treated ourselves to the banquet for 2 which was more than enough food for the two of us plus Theo. They were really child friendly too, even providing a cushion for his chair so he could reach the table and rigging a pair of chopsticks with an elastic band and some folded up paper so they were hinged and sprung open for him to use. It was very funny watching him try, and he did really well too, managed to pick up his pieces of spring roll without too much fuss.

Adam bought me a couple of silver Troll beads for my bracelet, a cherub holding a no 8 and a lady bug. My pressies for Adam haven't arrived yet . I'm hoping they'll arrive tomorrow.

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