Saturday, 3 January 2009

The Tale of Despereaux

Yesterday I realised that the Cineworld vouchers that the lovely Helen sent me last year, 25 free child entry vouchers, do have an expiry date, so first thing this morning I checked the expiry date (31st March 2009) and how many vouchers we had left (17).  I also checked how many weekends there are before the vouchers expire (13) and on the basis that we don't pay for Louis just yet, decided we might need to find some friends to take to the cinema :D

Sooo, in an attempt to make inroads into the pile of vouchers we took the boys to see The Tale of Despereaux this morning.

I think they enjoyed it, I thought it was entertaining.  Louis fidgetted quite a lot, climbing up and down his seat.  Every now and then he'd sit and watch 10 minutes and there was no whinging.  Well apart from the time he wedged himself between two of the seats infront of him.  Oops.  Theo asked lots of questions and got a little worried a couple of times but all in all seemed to enjoy it.  Then it was back home for lunch and an afternoon spent playing on the Wii :D

Here is my photo for today.  Although we actually got up and did something today, there weren't really that many photo opportunities, especially when there's a big sign in the cinema saying use of cameras or recording equipment is severely not allowed (or words to that effect).  This photo of Louis was taken back at home in the comfort of our own living room :D

I have a feeling that lots of my Photo a Day / 365 photos will be of the boys.

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