Tuesday, 6 January 2009


My little man is poorly.  He's got a temperature and feeling very grotty.  Last night was the worst, 2 lots of Calprofen were required (with a 6 hour interval of course).  After a nice long lie in this morning, thanks to Adam taking Theo to school, he seemed to perk up a bit.  He's still spent most of the day cuddled up on my knee but there were bouts of playfulness.  By dinner time this evening he was definitely flagging though and didn't eat anything until Adam got home when he ate a fair bit of his dinner.

I'm hoping he'll be feeling better tomorrow but we'll just have to see how tonight goes and see how much sleep he gets.

As a result, today's photo is a picture of Louis bed, seeing as that's what most of today was about.  He didn't get up until about 11 this morning.

Theo on the other hand, seemed to have a great day.  He came home from school telling me all about a story they'd had about an African girl who'd had a basket of fruit that she carried on her head.  The fruit was stolen by animals then a goat thing (but it wasn't a goat, he was certain of this) butted a tree and filled the basket up again with oranges falling from the tree.  He was very animated telling me all about it and the game they played afterwards with animal masks.  All in all a good day at school it seems.

Oh and at dinner he started singing a song about the fruit that the girl had in her basket.

Theo is doing really well with his reading.  He came home from school yesterday showing me his reading record book.  He'd read 3 books at school and brought a 4th home (which we read this evening)  His teacher wrote 'Theo told me this story in his own words using the pictures.  Brilliant!"  I have to admit, I thought learning to read was all about reading the words in the book, not making up your own story from the pictures but apparently that's a big part of it.  This was a book he had read at home with me though.  

The next comment says "Theo read this beautifully.  Super understanding of the story (skipped some more (in November his teacher wrote "I have skipped a few books to challenge Theo a bit more.  We'll see how he gets on" it looks like he got on well cause they've skipped some more))  The last book he read at school yesterday was 'Push!' and Mrs Kelly said "Fabulous reading.  What a star!"  We've got a little genius on our hands, yeah, yeah, yeah.

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