Tuesday, 13 January 2009

French Today

Tuesday evenings are Theo's french lessons.  Well kind of.  A friend of mine is a modern languages teacher and she has 2 children, both slightly younger than mine.  We go round there on a Tuesday evening, Theo and her daughter have 20 minutes or so learning french whilst I look after Louis and her son then they all have a play and stay for dinner.

This week Theo refused to take part in the french and both the littlies pottered in and out of both rooms.  My friend and her daughter had fun learning about animals in french though.  

Todays photo is of one of the books at my friends house.  It was going to be a bowl of peppers 'cause that's pretty and artistic (well kind of) but I want the photos to represent the day, somehow, more of a photo diary if I can.

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