Wednesday, 14 January 2009

My Poor Feet

Today was my day off with Theo at school and Louis at nursery.  My friend Tina and I went shopping, I had a couple of Christmas pressies to return and she had pressies to buy so a trip round M&S was called for.  I've no idea how far we walked round that shop but it was too far for the boots I had on.  By the time we got back to the car the balls of my feet were killing me.

We were supposed to go on to the White Rose Centre but both decided we'd had enough, and her daughter was ready for a nap so we headed back to her house for lunch and a cuppa.

Whilst at M&S I saw they were doing LCD TV / DVD combi at a reasonable price so I texted Adam with details.  We have been talking about getting one for our bedroom for ages.  I didn't expect any response but about an hour after we left M&S he said I could get one if I wanted.

Naturally this meant a trip back to M&S for a new gadget... but as I was discussing it with Tina she mentioned that the new LCD TV / DVD combi they had just bought from Argos was cheaper than the same sized M&S one and a recognised make (Bush) as opposed to M&S own brand.  So... a trip to (the much closer) Argos was called for and hey presto, we have a new 22" LCD TV with a built in DVD player and Freeview for our bedroom, wahay.

After all that, today's photo is the bunch of lilies that were on Tina's kitchen table.  As much as I wanted to, I'm still not brave enough to take photos whilst out shopping.

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