Friday, 23 January 2009


Today has been mainly about getting ready for Louis' party tomorrow.  At the last minute I decided, rather than just add the sweets I'd bought to the playgym party bags, I'd make up my own.  So off Louis and I toddled to get some goodies to go in them.  £100 later we're sat at home putting little bags of sweets and goodies into party bags.

OK so £100 was not all on party goodies.  I did buy books and other bits and bobs for party bags together with pass the parcel pressies, but I also bought some groceries and toiletries too, it's just that that's my beef about Tescos.  I go in there for 1 or 2 things and come away having spent loads.  Admittedly they're not forcing me to spend but still.  Our particular branch is a bit pants for food but if you want toys, books or DVDs then you're spoilt for choice.

Today's photo is one of the book aisles in Tescos.  Louis and I spent a while there deciding what to buy so I made the most of a quiet moment when there was no one else there.

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