Sunday, 18 January 2009

Swimming for Fun

Adam had to go to work again today so Theo, Louis and I finished off putting together my drawers.  A group effort that involved Theo passing bits to me, me fastening them where they need to go and Louis jabbing at the drawers with a screwdriver.  Twas a tad scary at times.

That done I sat and had a play with my phone some more.

Louis finally succumbed to an afternoon nap at about 3, which meant he was still asleep after Adam got home from work at it was time to leave to go swimming.  I ended up leaving Adam and Louis at home and taking Theo swimming myself.  

Theo was really excited about the swimming.  He likes 'swimming for fun' as opposed to swimming lessons and we've recently convinced him that it's OK to get your face wet.  Now he loves to swim under water and dive to the bottom for toys and rings.  So... we decided to buy him some prescription goggles.  Only £20 for a pair of +8.0.  I know his glasses prescription is +10 but 8 is as high as they go off the shelf, if you want anything higher then you are talking silly money and at 4yrs old, swimming for fun, £20 is more than enough to spend on goggles in my opinion.  And +8.0 has got to be better than nothing.  Adam gave him his goggles at bathtime last night and he's been desperate to use them ever since.

As the parent child session is the last one of the day, I took my camera in the hopes of getting a sneaky pic of the changing room for todays photo.  At the speed we get changed, we were almost the last to leave so I managed to get one or two pics.  I didn't use flash, I didn't want to startle anyone in any nearby cubicles (or make it obvious I was taking photos where I'm pretty sure it's not allowed).

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