Thursday, 22 January 2009

Catch up

Yesterday I took myself off to Costco to get a fabulous photo storage box that one of the ladies at Saturdays crop was toting.  Unfortunately I couldn't find any.  I did manage to buy 10L of Bold 2 in 1, 6 million nappies and sweeties and dried fruit packs to go in the party bags at the weekend so it wasn't a wasted journey.

I accidentally ended up in Hobbycraft!  It was an accident, honestly.  I was following Satnag instructions for going home but I got into the wrong lane, a left turn only lane which took me into the Crown Point retail park so I just HAD to go to Hobbycraft rather than just turn around and drive out again.

I got modelling balloons for Louis' party, watch this space.

After all that traipsing round I had to rest my poor weary feet so I called into Costa for a skinny decaf latte and a spicy meatball sandwich and this photo opportunity presented itself.
On Wednesdays Louis is in nursery until 5 so after I pick Theo up from school we have a couple of hours together, just the two of us.  Today it was spent 'practicing' with the modelling balloons.  We had fun and Theo now has a balloon sword and a flower (which was supposed to be a sword but I ran out balloon after doing the handle so now it's a flower).

Today Louis and I went to Tiddleypeeps for a play and to confirm numbers for the party on Saturday.  I didn't realise it was parent toddler morning so it only cost me £3 and Louis got fed and watered :D  He climbed the stairs and slid down the big slide on his own for the first time today.  We did it once together and then there was no stopping him.  I think he'll be having a great time there on Saturday.  On the bad side, he was attacked by a very unpleasant little boy whilst he was playing in the cars!  Louis was sat happily playing when the boy just walked up to him and grabbed his face, he's got finger nail marks near his ears and scratches all down his cheeks.  The monster's Gran saw and was right behind me as I dash over and pulled him off Louis.  She took him away and told him off.  5 minutes later he did it to a little girl!  I saw his Gran pick him up and leave with him kicking and screaming under her arm.

This afternoon we went to have a cuppa and a natter with one of the mums from school.  Well when I say we, Louis fell asleep in the pushchair on the way there and didn't wake up until we were at school waiting for Theo.  I had a really pleasant afternoon, I'm hoping to return the favour next week.

Today's photo is Theo ready for his swimming lesson, showing off his new goggles.

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