Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Well I had a fabulous weekend with lots to do, lots to eat and lots more to say :D

I drove to the accomodation just outside Alston, Cumbria, with my friends Vicky, Caroline and a car full of papers, food and the occassional item of clothing. I barely stopped talking for the 2 hours + that the journay took, which doesn't surprise me. When I visit people I often come away feeling like I haven't stopped talking and worrying that the people I have just left aren't sighing in relief and cooling down their ears with something from the fridge :lol:

This picture is just an idea of what the place looked like after we'd all arrived and gotten ensconced in our chosen places.

Tables and tables of bits of paper, tool totes and every piece of scrapbooking equipment you could possibly imagine. If there was anything you needed that you hadn't brought there was always someone willing to lend or share. If it was inspiration you were short of there were lots of amazing layouts to look at and people willing to offer a suggestion or two.

This is everyone apart from Lynn, who had to leave early. Lets see, if we start at the back on the left we have Sherry (pink hair), Netty, Caroline (hiding behind Susy), Susy and Marie. Next row we have Vicky (pink top), Lesley, Kirsty, Jenny, Ali, Me and Rachel. Finally, behind me and Rachel is Hazel (orange top), Natalie (blue stripey top) and Erika.

We also had a visit from Julie and Helen of Scrapbooking Castle who brought loads of scrummy stash for us to buy at AMAZING prices. I am sorry to hear they are closing down the shop (but it did mean we got some fantastic bargains).

I am very pleased to say that, in among eating the gorgeous buns and cakes, the chocolate, the biscuits, a little fruit and drinking gallons of tea, I did manage to complete some layouts. I started more than I finished (surprise surprise lol) but I still did more this weekend than I've done in the past six months! I will be posting them over on Apshoo shortly so go and have a nosey :D

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