Wednesday, 2 July 2008

The Pox!

This is Louis this morning, covered in calamine lotion and dosed up with Piriton (although as you can see, he's after more :nono:)

As soon as I can I'm off to the chemist to get some Calamine cream which I've been told is better than the lotion as it doesn't dry out. And bicarb baths in the evenings too. Poor baby

I took him to the Drs yesteday to get my diagnosis of Chicken Pox confirmed and the stoopid man said it wasn't chicken pox as that normally develops 48hrs after exposure!! Where did he go to medical school? The NHS direct website, and everyone I've asked, says it's 2 - 3 weeks, which fits perfectly. Apparently it's just an allergic reaction or possibly insect bites and he's fine to go to nursery. So silly me, I took him to nursery yesterday morning after the Drs. When I picked him up at lunchtime though there were more spots and more blisters. I asked my neighbour to come round and have a look because her 2 children have both had chicken pox (and she's a nurse) so she knows what it looks like better than me. Anyway, she agrees with me that it is chicken pox. This morning he's even more spots and blisters and they are starting to itch too
Anyway, it's chicken pox, I'm certain so we're house bound for a week. Theo hasn't had it yet so we're also watching out for spots there. Knowing our luck he'll get it just intime for us to miss the Jools Holland concert we're supposed to be going to in a couple of weeks. Boohoo.

Apart from this we're all good. Louis is actually reasonably happy in himself so that's good and everyone else is well. TTFN

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