Sunday, 27 July 2008

Hmm, Baking

The boys nursery had a BBQ this afternoon. We all had a great time and the weather was glorious too, fortunately :D

Initially there was going to be a baking competition but after some discussion about whether the entries should be restricted to childrens entries rather than the parents entries, it was decided it would probably be safer (and more edible) if the competition was to decorate a cake, allowing for adult baking / buying of the cake itself.

I was going to buy a pre iced cake then let Theo decorate that but after seeing the price difference between that and a plain victoria sponge cake, I decided on the latter. I bought ready made vanilla icing and chocolate fudge icing together with sugared animal shapes, hundreds and thousands and orange & lemon thingies. All of those things together came to less than the price of the pre iced cake and I still have over half of all those packets / tubs left.

Anyway, in my opinion a childrens competition should be just that, so I sat with Theo whilst he decorated his cake,

and Louis decorated a couple of Rich Tea biscuits.

I opened the jars and tubs for him, made a few suggestions here and there and helped him mix some icing with food colouring when he wanted black, but apart from that it is all his own work.
It paid off, Theo won the competition :D He will get his prize when he goes to nursery on Tuesday.

And we get to eat the cake, yummm

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