Thursday, 24 July 2008

Legoland et al

So on Saturday we took the boys to Legoland. We didn't tell them where they were going so Theo was really excited once he realised where we were.

We did a lot of this

Although to be fair it wasn't THAT busy. It's expensive though! £35 per adult and £26 for children 3 and over! Fortunately we had a 2 for 1 voucher so saved £35 on entry. We took a pack up too to save a bit more. Had to splash out on ice creams all round though.

It was a lovely day, the weather was really good and we all enjoyed ourselves. I haven't walked so much in a while though :D

This is Theo and Louis enjoying a ride on the Fairy Tale boat ride.

On Tuesday we went to see my friend Helen and her Gorgeous new little boy, Zach. He's 7 weeks old and he's adorable, even though he sicked up on my shoulder :D

I am soo broody, I wish all these pregnant people around me would just stop it! There's Helen with baby Zach, my cousin, 3 scrapbooking friends, Morgan (my sister-in-law) and even the staff at the boys nursery are at it. It doesn't help that I watched 'Knocked Up' this evening too. Waaagh, must keep my legs crossed rofl

Tuesday evening I left Adam with the boys and drove to Horley to see Cat. I think I managed to stop for breath a few times and I did let her do a little bit of talking too. But 4 hours later I dragged myself out of her loverly house (still talking) to head back to Petes so Cat could head to bed, it was after midnight! I miss these chat's, we used to do it every Wednesday, take it in turns to go to each others house. The homeowner would provide dinner, one other would provide desert and the 3rd would get a free dinner (that's me, Cat and Kath incase you think I can't count lol) then the next week onto the next persons house, and so on. We still talked as much too :D

Right, it's late and I need my bed, for some reason the boys were up and playing in the hall at 4 this morning!

Night All

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