Tuesday, 8 July 2008


Theo went to visit his new school today for an hour. I wasn't really worried about leaving him but I certainly wasn't prepared for him to run off and find his friends without a backward glance!

I had a nice walk to the local park with one of the other mums and Louis and Sethy had a play on the swings and slide before we wandered back to collect the big boys from school. They only stayed for an hour.

I got back to find Theo quite happily playing with the interactive white board and to be presented with a picture that he and Isobel, a neighbours daughter who is in this years reception class so was there to play with the new children, had done for me, aww.

As we were leaving I asked Theo if he had enjoyed his time at school to which he replied 'Of course mummy, can I play on the board again next time?' lol

I think maybe September is going to me more traumatic for me than Theo.

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Caroline said...

Not a nice feeling when you have to leave your child at school luckly I am past that and nearly finished with childdren at school.