Wednesday, 2 July 2008

I'm a Winner

I used to do loads of online and postcard competitions and in the past I have won a few bits and bobs. A file folder thingy for sorting your bills, some childrens toys that sort of thing. But I haven't done any for ages.

So imagine my suprise when I got an e-mail from Simply Moleskine to say I'd won the monthly prize draw. Yay. So I get to choose an item from their website that I'd like as my prize. Now as the name implies the website is an online retailer for Moleskine notebooks. Not exactly the most exciting prize I hear you cry. But I like notebooks, and pens and paper and stuff so I'm a happy bunny.

Just thought you'd like to know that.


Catkins said...

talking of notebooks - do you happen to know where our Notebook is??? I sent it to Kath months ago! ;-)

Karen said...

I have it, it arrived last week I think :D Will get on with it and send it on to Jane shortly.

Vicky said...

I'm very jealous!! Love moleskin notebooks.