Friday, 6 April 2007


We went out for a drive to Mablethorpe today what with it being the bank holiday weekend.
I knoow that on a sunny bank holiday you should expect the beaches to be busy but we were happy to put up with that rather than spend the day vegging in the house trying to decide what to do. It was a glorious day when we set off. By the time we got there though it was rather overcast, it didn't spoil our day though.

We arrived early afternoon so first stop was lunch. A trip to a local chippie provided that, not exactly good for the diet but you can't do seaside without fish 'n' chips. At least I managed to resist the donuts . We ate sat on the ground by the car and had to defend our food from ants, ick, but it was still the nicest fish I've had in a while.

When we were driving through town looking for somewhere to park I think Theo saw a Scoop ride (from Bob the Builder) and spent the day asking to ride on Scoop. Unfortunately we didn't see the ride again so he didn't get to play.

We walked into town and went past various rides but Theo wasn't in the mood for playing unless it was Scoop. He did go on a mini childrens roller coaster ride but he didn't like that either

Adam buried Theo's feet in the sand and he had a great time flinging sand everywhere digging them out. Oh and the bucket was just for fun.

We walked back to the car park along the beach with a number of stops for digging and sandcastles. I'm assuming it's because the weather had cooled but the beach was actually very clear. Theo had great fun digging the sand although Adam wasn't too impressed when one of the many spades full of sand Theo threw over his shoulder, hit him in the face

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