Monday, 9 April 2007

Cold day out

We seem to have a knack of picking the wrong day to do things at the moment.

We decided to go for a picnic so we had a look around the Yorkshire Water website (seeing as they have been advertising this on the telly lately) last night to find somewhere to go. I entered into the search engine, pushchair accessible walks in Bradford and it came up with Swinsty Reservoir in North Yorkshire!! We decided to go anyway and Adam made up a picnic this morning while I sorted the boys. It turned out to be the coldest day of the weekend!

It was a nice walk but I am soo unfit and pushing the pushchair up the hilly bits was very hard work, especially with both boys in it. Had to let Adam take over . At least it kept me warm. Poor Theo was rather cold. He had a jumper and his hat and scarf as well as his coat but he was still cold. He ended up wrapped in Adam's fleece all huddled up in his seat on the pushchair.
After our walk we went on to Bolton Abbey Railway Station as they were having a Thomas the Tank Engine day. Theo enjoyed the trip on the steam train and he got to sit on Bertie Bus but the queue to climb in Thomas and sound his whistle was too long and it was still cold so we didn't stay long.

All in all we've had a very pleasant, if somewhat cold, day out. Louis spent most of it sleeping, such a hard life LOL

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