Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Quiet day

Adam took Theo to nursery this morning so I could have a lay in. Well as much of a lay in that Louis would let me, he was awake about 8. Still, better than 7 I suppose

We had a lazy morning just pottering and playing on the computer. Couldn't really do much else 'cause Louis was being very clingy and screamed his head off every time I put him down.
We went to pick Theo up from nursery about 10 to 1 then on to Morrisons for the weekly shop. How is it that you manage to spend the same every week even on the weeks when your trolley is only half full? Louis fell asleep in the trolley which amazed me considering the thing bumped around like it had square wheels!

Didn't really do anything to speak of this afternoon either apart from put away the shopping, read Theo's Thomas magazine and help him 'fix' things with the toy hammer, screwdriver and pliers that came on the front of the mag.

At bedtimes Adam takes Theo upstairs and gets him ready for bed then I go up and read him his bedtime story. Up until last week he would usually ask for Toy Story followed by A House Inside My Mummy (a poem designed to help toddlers understand the impending arrival of new brother or sister). Last week we decided to introduce a longer story that would last a few nights (or more) so we started Jungle Book, the Rudyad Kipling version not the Disney one, and he seems to be enjoying it. Each night I give him a choice and so far he's asked for Jungle Book every night. Which I am very pleased about but it is hard to read. I'm half surprised that he's understanding it never mind enjoying it.

Anyway, that's more than enough for tonight, it's waaay past my bedtime.

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