Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Book Crossing

I'm in the process of having a clear out and the biggest cuplrits for taking up space in my home are books. I've had a look at disposing of these via ebay but to be honest, with the postage charges, they work out much the same price as new books so people are not buying. I'm planning on taking them to carboot or table top sales to dispose of some to but I'm not very hopeful.

One method of disposal that appeals to me is BookCrossing, hence the new favourites link. Basically it involves leaving books in public places for others to find and read. You register your book on the BookCrossing website and it is given a unique ID number which you then encourange the new owner of your book to use to make an entry on the BookCrossing website about where the book has gotten to and what they think about it. Sounds much more interesting than just giving them to a charity shop I think, and as we're going away this week I might have to take a few books with me and leave them in the holiday cottage and see what happens.

Watch this space, oh and click on the BookCrossing link on the right cause the website keeps a count of how many referrals I make and I get kudos.

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