Sunday, 22 April 2007

Farm Party

We went to a birthday party today at St Leonards Farm Park today. Twin girls who live near us turn 4 this week and this was their chosen party venue.

As far as kids birthday parties go, this one was very entertaining and the birthday girls and their friends definitely seemed to be enjoying themselves. Theo, however, was not best pleased . Well no, that's not exactly true. He enjoyed playing there but the bits organised to keep the birthday 'party' entertained he wasn't too keen on.

The party started in a barn where a bales of straw have been arranged to provide climbing and tunnelling fun for the children. Theo wouldn't touch it with his hands so the only climbing he did involved being lifted up onto each level of bales. He'd run around a bit and was OK if he could step up or down but if he had to use his hands to climb then he wouldn't do it. He was much happier when he found the tractor around the corner from the barn.

After the barn Farmer James took everyone to the animal sheds where the children got to hold and pet a 2 day old lamb (awww), a young goat and a chick. Theo just shied away from the animals, he didn't want to hold or touch them (apart from stroking the goat at arms length LOL). The same went for the mouse, rat and rabbit that were brought out in the petting area, and mummy very bravely petted all of them just to show Theo there was nothing to be scared of!
He was very happy washing his hands in the outside sink and joining everyone at the table for party food though and he thoroughly enjoyed playing with the toy cars and in the activity garden area with low wooden beams to walk across and sand to play in.

I was really pleased with myself because I offered to take the little boy next door to the party rather than making his parents drive there and back twice as they weren't staying with him. Not pleased with myself because I took him but pleased with myself because it occurred to me to offer. Usually I wouldn't have thought of offering until I was half way there.

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