Wednesday, 3 December 2008

October and November

We went to Durham to visit Adam's Nan in the middle of November.  This is Theo and Adam playing with her wheelchair!  Good job she was nice and comfy sat on her bed at the time.
We had a great time seeing Nan and it was especially nice as Morgan, Alec and the kids came up too so we went for dinner with the after.  Had a good old natter and a catch up.  I even got have a cuddle of my newest niece, Amy-Louise, awwww.

Theo and Louis all dressed up for the Hallowe'en party at Tiddleypeeps (and trick or treating the following night)
On the recommendation of my friend Ali, I took the boys to Sundown Adventureland and here's the evidence.

Theo playing in the pirate ship,

Louis outside one of the houses in Storybook Village
and both of the boys emerging from one story houses, looks like Hansel and Gretel but I could be wrong.

It's a great place to go with them.  Probably better on a warmer day but still, we had fun.  It is designed for younger families.  There are a few short train rides but apart from that all of the attractions are interactive displays.  Lots of things for little hands to touch and feel and do.  We'll definitely be going back, but maybe on a warmer day lol

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