Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Quick Update

I have a theory about blogs.  Either there's lots going on in your life, in which case it is hard to find time to update your blog, or nothing is going on in your life so there's nothing to write about!!

I'm not sure which category I fall into really, probably in between.  There's a bit going on but no too much, which in theory means I have enough time to write about the fewer things that do happen.  It doesn't seem to work like that though.  My to do list is growing and the time in which I have to do it seems to be shrinking.  Are the days getting shorter?  I know Christmas is getting closer so those things I have to do before Christmas are getting more urgent.

This year I decided I should make the boys advent calendars rather than buy them.  I've started them (this afternoon!) but still have a way to go and I have to get them finished and filled before Monday.  Where did the year go??

Anyway, school run shortly followed by Theo's french lesson so I won't be back on here 'til about 7.  When I am though I shall add some photos and do a bit of a catch up.  That's if I'm not sewing advent calendars and stockings.

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Saraheliza said...

Hello!! I think you're right about the blogging thing - not that I do. I like updates though 'cos I'm nosy!!