Sunday, 21 December 2008

Relative Relations

About 6 months ago my older sister Sheila and I had a falling out.  Not to go into details but needless to say that until recently we haven't spoken to each other.

Well anyway, cut a long story short (and prevent any further fallings out), our cousin had a birthday party to which we were both invited and from there conversation kinda happened.  Things are not perfect but they are certainly improving.

Just incase a big family get together at Christmas was a bit too much so soon, we decided to all meet at Farnley Working Mens club for a bit of an early Christmas to exchange gifts etc.  I took  a couple of boxes of mince pies, a tin of chocolates and a box of crackers and we pretty much made an evening of it.  We decided before hand the we were going to let the kids open their presents there so we could see.

This is a picture of Theo wearing the Spiderman3 mask that Toby got from Aunty Lisa.  Do you like his snazzy shirt and tie?  I had my first ever shopping trip to Next this week and found this.  Not only is it a shirt and tue just like Daddy wears, but it has cuff links too, just like Daddys.  Someone was very pleased to be wearing this out, he likes to be smart :D  (and I like Next! Why have I never shopped there before?)
This is a picture of Theo in the PowerRangers outfit that Aunty Lisa bought him
and here is a photo of Louis with Theo's Power Ranger mask on.

Lets see, what else was there?  Theo got a creative box set from Aunty Sheila with lots of different crafty things to do.  He's already tried the glitter one :D

Louis got a Kid Knex Penguin from Aunty Lisa and a Bath toy set from Aunty Sheila.  He played with them in the club but he hasn't had chance to play with them in the bath yet.  The will come, he loves playing in the bath :D

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