Tuesday, 30 December 2008

My Big Fat Greek Birthday (Party)

This is the reason we came to London this week, my Father-In-Law's 73rd birthday.  

The thing I've learned from these get togethers is that, 1st you fuel the kids up with sweets and chocolates all day then watch them bounce around the house all night.  This was about 10.30pm in the middle of a game of musical statues, both Theo and Louis still bouncing off the walls so the staying still part was definitely hard work for them and unsurprisingly Theo got a tad upset when he was out.  Still, he soon recovered and joined in again.  Poor Teddy was a casualty of the evening and came home with a groin injury after a tug of war between the various cousins,  Mummy will be performing bear surgery later on this week.

All the relatives arrived for the party from about 8pm.  Furniture was rearranged and tables brought in from the garden to seat everyone at the table for the seemingly endless flow of food, most of which was new to me so just had to be sampled.  I tell you, if we ever stay there longer than a day or two I'm going to come away the size of a house.  I think once everyone had arrived there were about a dozen children between the ages of 1 and 8 and about 20 adults.  

We called it a night somewhere round about midnight.  Louis was unconscious on the sofa, Theo was just dozing  and Adam was nicely pickled.  Somehow we managed to loose one of Louis shoes between the house and the hotel, oops.

More photos to follow, this one is my 1 for my photo a day project (I think my challenge is going to be narrowing it down to 1 photo per day lol)

NB if the post dates are confusing you, I am not telling to future, I adjusted the dates so the photo for the day appears on the correct date

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