Sunday, 28 December 2008


Those of you out there with little Ben 10 afficianados will no doubt know exactly who this is.  Those of you without, you are missing out on a world of quality entertainment!  This, is the one and only Wildmut.  He is on of the 10 aliens that said 'Ben' can transform into.  This particular model is also a very irritating motion sensor alarm thingy that growls at you every time you walk past it, if it has it's mouth open.  Theo likes to hang him off the handle of the living room door and Louis likes to stand infront of him, waving, making him growl.  It's such a lovely noise.  Not!
Wildmut is todays photo because, to be honest, today we did very little apart from stay in and play with toys (Adam did go out to get his Dad's birthday present but we were not invited).  When I asked Theo what I should take a photo of today, this was the suggestion.  So here he is ladies and gentlemen, Wildmut the motion detector.

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