Tuesday, 23 December 2008

A Photo A Day

A few people I know are having a go at this project this year.  It does exactly what it says on the tin, hehe.

The idea is that you take at least 1 photo everyday.  People are doing this for various reasons from attempting to improve their photography to documenting a big (or not so big) year.  I think I'm doing a bit of both.

What you do with the photo is entirely up to you.  I'm going to start by posting them here and see if anything else comes to mind during the year.  If nothing else it should improve the frequency of my blog posting (and maybe bore you lot to sleep lol)

So here's my first photo.  Why wait 'til January 1st?.

My first ever pair of Dr Marten boots (1940 5400 black, fine haircell leather 14 hole) arrived today.  Adam thinks I'm turning into a hippy student or a lesbian.  I just think they're good boots.  They take a bit of lacing up though.  That'll be fun in a morning when we're rushing to get ready for school.

Theo tried them on when they arrived.  When I told him about the steel toe caps he started wandering around the house, well more like staggering around the house with two lead weights on his feet lol, looking for something he could drop on his toes.

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