Sunday, 4 November 2007

Quiet (noisy) week

We've not done much since my last entry, hence 'quiet' week. Louis has not been very well, new teeth combined with a cough and a virus doing the rounds so he's been crying lots (hence 'noisy' week) and not sleeping much, well not at night anyway, so neither have we.

Adam went to work with a sore head this week. He fell out of bed and landed on a tin of paint. Don't ask me why we've got a tin of paint on the bedroom floor, it's been there for ages. He said I pushed him but I am denying everything.

Let me see, what else have we been up to? Theo is doing well with his swimming lessons. He's actually started using his arms and legs at the same time rather than just admiring the surroundings as Collette, the instructor, pushes him up and down the pool.

Louis now has three top teeth and 2 bottom teeth, his spots have gone as has his temperature. He's getting a lot better at getting around now and he cruises along with the furniture and is brave enough to reach from on to the other if they're not quite next to each other.

I've been working on my secret project for the boys for Christmas. Well I say secret, I've actually told (and shown) quite a few people but it has to stay a secret from Adam and the boys until Christmas so I'm not saying what it is until then. But it is going well . My diet seems to have gone out of the window, never really got back into it after our holiday, so I've put on a few pounds. Need to get my a@#e into gear and dig out my will power again, just in time for Christmas. Aaargh.

Next job on the list is to have a clear out, keep meaning to do a car boot sale and get rid of all the stuff filling up the house and try and make a bit more room for the people. It's waaay past time Louis was in his own room and it would be nice if we could actually get into the spare room. You know it's only going to get worse after Christmas.

Anyway that's it for now, will be back soon.


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