Friday, 30 November 2007

Weekend Away

We've just spent this last weekend visiting friends 'Down South'. Well the boys and I have, Adam couldn't get time off work so he stayed home for a bit of P&Q instead . We travelled down on Thursday and came home Monday with a fair bit of travelling around in between. The journeys there and back took 6 - 7 hours each but we did stop for an hour for lunch each time and just took a steady drive, no silly speeds or anything.

We didn't do too much on the Thursday evening or on Friday, just spent time with Pete and Lilia, the friends we were staying with. I'm hoping I haven't terrified Lilia with baby and childbirth talk, she's expecting her first in December so I was only answering her questions .
Here are a few pictures from our trip to Godstone Farm Park on Saturday.

This one was taken just as we went in. The sign says there are sheep in the field but the occupants look more like ponies to me??

Theo took this photo after I'd taken a picture of him standing by the same tractor. A very good photo I think, certainly when you think it was taken by a 3 year old

Pete seemed a little bit too keen to follow Theo into the climbing frame in the play barn

And here's Lilia hiding her bump and having a cuddle with Louis at the same time.

On Sunday we went to visit my friends Cat and Kath. Theo had a great time, he walked in the door, into the playroom and started playing with David before he had even taken his coat off. The girls and I had a nice long chat. Well actually I think I had a nice long chat and they had a nice long listen .

We did have an entertaining distraction when Theo let the motorised Percy the train chug off down the side of the dishwasher. Mr Cat ended up having to pull the dishwasher out to get it back. Oops, sorry.

Looking forward to a return visit, hopefully it won't be 2 years before we get to see the girls again (especially considering Theo was asking to go and play with David the day we got home ) Now I've done the journey on my own hopefully we'll be able to do it again with less luggage.

Next it's a visit to Ireland to visit Jane me thinks then that's all the girls from Deloittes. Don't think I'm brave enough to do that one on my own though, think that might just be our spring holiday. Watch this space

Right that's me for now, Theo and Louis are fighting over a lighthouse with a foghorn! Got to go.

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