Monday, 19 November 2007

Still here

Just a quick post to say hi, we're still here and we're all well (ish), not much been going on, just daily life stuff.

We did go to a fireworks display at Theo's nursery. The boys didn't like the fireworks and Theo got a little worried when one of the 'teachers' told him I would be staying at nursery, he didn't want me to stay he wanted me to go home with him. He was fine after I explained that she just meant I wasn't dropping him off and going home I was staying there with him. Despite the loud fireworks that sent him running for a cuddle from me or Adam, Theo had a great time, running around and playing with his friends.

What else? I did a Virgin Vie party on Saturday night, the first one with real strangers if you know what I mean. All my previous parties have been friends and neighbours. Did OK, more than average sales so that was good, but no more bookings

I bought myself a new sewing machine... and it's lovely. It sews straight lines with consistent stitch sizes and everything. It does a lot more but that really basic facility is a BIG plus. I have had a quick play with it, plan on having a proper play tomorrow when Theo is at nursery. Theo 'helped' when I had my play, he had a great time standing on the foot pedal and making the needle go. Fortunately the machine has a speed regulator so I set it to sewing really slowly so that if he stood on it without me realising there was much less chance of sewing my finger.

I've just added two more website links down the right hand side of the screen. 1000 Journals and 1001 Journals. I'm a confessed notebook freak. I love them, I've got loads (and I've just bought some more (she whispers)) and having stumbled across these websites I think they are a fabulous idea. Go on, pay em a visit so watch out, you may just get invited to join in.

Anyway, that's it from me for now, will be back soon no doubt.

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