Wednesday, 7 November 2007

It's Laughable

I just received an e-mail reminding me that this years Christmas Class starts on 1st December so I went to check Shimelle's blog for details, which meant I checked my blog (I keep links to blogs I visit on my blog homepage) and there I happened to see the 'Shimelle's Christmas Class 2006' category which I'd forgotten about.


Because apart from a statement saying I will keep a daily journal (or something along those lines) and another entry saying I'm getting ready, there's nothing there. Not a single layout or entry or apology. Nothing, nada, zip. And naturally it is all my fault because I'm the one who didn't write anything...

I will say now that I did do some layouts. Not everyday but I did some, and I still have a little wallet full of photos I printed ready to put into layouts that I didn't quite get around to completing so what I will do is post last years layouts here for the world to see then get on with getting ready for this year.

Oops and sorry {shrug}


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