Sunday, 21 October 2007

Busy Sunday (well as Sundays go)

Normally on a Sunday we don't do anything, just stay in the house and veg and the kids get bored. Well this week we decided against that.

We started by going to the local carvery for an absolutely gorgeous Sunday dinner followed by a drive to Yeadon Tarn to walk off the food mountain we'd just eaten.

As is the done thing at the Tarn, we threw food at the ducks. My effort to be environmentally (or is that ecologically?) friendly, we threw waterbird food rather than stale bread, the ducks and swans etc, seemed to prefer. We got a lot more takers than those throwing bread anyway, ner, ner, ner, ner, ner.

I promised my cousin Caroline that I'd post recent photos of everyone and that was a couple of months ago so apologies to you Caroline, here are some pictures from this afternoon. Can't get more recent than that

Adam and I can never decide whether we should walk first then play or play then walk. The result of that decision usually determines what mood Theo is in (and consequently us too) on the journey home. If he's got too much energy left when it's time to go home we usually have a paddy!

We decided on the walk first, give his lunch chance to settle before he sloshes it around on the roundabout . It seemed to work cause everyone was in a good mood on the drive home.

Here's Adam and the boys playing on the swings

Theo and me playing on the roundabout

and Theo 'pushing' Daddy on the swings

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