Sunday, 25 March 2007

Yeadon Tarn

The weather was lovely today so we decided a walk out was in order. As we had half a loaf of stale bread taking up space in the fridge we tought we'd go feed the ducks so of we went toYeadon Tarn with a spare change of clothes and a pair of wellies for Theo.

I'm a bit paranoid about feeding bread to birds, not sure if it's something they're supposed to eat (a bit like feeding bread and milk to hedgehogs, it kills 'em ) so last time I was at the pet shop getting food for Nigel, I bought a bag of waterbird food. So as well as the bread we took proper bird food too.

We started at the kiddies park and let Theo have a play on the swings and slides etc then when he'd finished we went for a walk around the Tarn. I think we must have got there a little bit late in the day for feeding the ducks because they didn't seem overly interested in the bread we gave them. They were happier to eat the feed we brought but not exactly enthusiastic. Normally you've to practically fight 'em off.

I must say, this visit was much more successful than last time. Last time we walked around the Tarn first then we went to play in the park. We had a battle and a half with Theo trying to get him out of the park when it was time to go home. This time, having something fun to do, like feeding the ducks, made leaving the park much less painful

A couple more photos to follow.

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