Thursday, 22 March 2007

Trollies, Dollies and Buddies

I have found some jewellery that I like / want. I actually asked Adam for some which is very unusual for me, I don't ask for jewellery.

I don't buy jewellery for myself either, I think it should be bought for you for a reason, something that gives the jewellery a sentimental as well as monetary value.

Trollbeads and their friends Buddies and Dollies are beads. The idea behind them is kind of like a charm bracelet but instead of dangly charms, the bracelet has beads (which I prefer 'cause I don't like dangly bracelets). You buy a plain bracelet (or necklace) and add beads individually. I really love this idea 'cause each bead can have a meaning and the whole bracelet kind of tells a story (depending on why you bought your beads of course) so here goes.

- The bracelet was bought with birthday money from my big sis
- The first bead is for Adam - a Trollbead, Green Lilac Armadillo. Green and lilac 'cause that will go with the bead I have planned for Theo and armadillo because Adam has a thing about armadillo's, somthing to do with the book 'A Prayer for Owen Meany' by John Irving
- My second bead is for Louis - a Dolly from A String of Beads called Baby's Blanket.
I've got 2 beads on order from Manda at Mango Beads, 1 each for Theo and my dad. Theo's is going to be Buzz Lightyear inspired (green, grey and purple I think) and Dad's is Glenfiddich inspired (green, gold and black) I'll add pictures when they arrive.

These are the only beads I intend to buy for myself, the rest I'll let others buy for me which will give them the sentimental value I want. (and at between £14 and £20 per bead, very affordable gifts if I do say so myself )
Trollbeads are Danish in origin (I think) and there entire collection of available beads (together with a list of UK suppliers) is on the Fable Trading website. Buddies (Mango Beads) and Dollies (A String of Beads) are one off beads made here in the UK and tend to be sold out within 20 minutes / half an hour of going up for sale so you have to be really quick to get on of those .
Right off to add new links to bead pages now

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